6.2. How are refunds and exchanges handled on YouPay orders?

Modified on Mon, 30 Oct 2023 at 11:43 AM

What to do when a YouPay customer (Shopper / Payer) requests a refund or exchange.

If you're familiar with the technical intricacies of YouPay, you'll know that YouPay creates a unique cart-sharing experience for your customers prior to checkout, which will then forward customers paying for carts to your stores' existing payment gateway to process their payment.

When it comes to refunds and exchanges, we recommend that you follow a very similar process to your Gift Card refunds and exchanges.

As YouPay creates an order for each customer, a refund or exchange request will look differently depending on which type of customer is making the request:

  • Payer (person who made the payment) requests a refund or exchange - if the Payer requests a refund or exchange, it is effectively too late as the Payers' funds have been used to pay for the Shopper's order. If you decide to refund the Payer, you can do so in your Shopify stores' 'Orders' portal by refunding the order tagged with 'youpay_payer'. Here's our guide on how to refund here.

  • Shopper (person who has had their cart paid for) requests a refund - if the person Shopper requests a refund, it is our recommendation that only a store credit or exchange is offered as the Shopper would not have provided any payment (unless the Shopper and Payer are the same person).

  • Shopper requests an exchange - if the Shopper requests an exchange, we'd recommend doing so if this is in line with your typical process.

If you're having trouble with a customer inquiry and or would like further support from our team, please contact our team at support@youpay.co.


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