6.1. How do I fulfill a YouPay order once it's been paid for?

Modified on Mon, 30 Oct 2023 at 11:34 AM

Has a YouPay Payer paid for a cart at your store? Yes? Well, it's now time to send the YouPay Shopper their order.

When a paid YouPay order comes through your Shopify Orders portal, you'll notice a YouPay order will appear a little differently in the backend Shopify Orders portal.

YouPay utilises the Gift Card API to create one order for the Shopper and one for the Payer using the Shopify Gift Card API to generate 2 orders, this is done to provide a safe and secure checkout experience for the Shopper and Payer alike.

  1. Shopper's order - YouPay creates a new Gift Card product (as a Draft) when your Shopper creates their YouPay cart, so that they can then share their cart link with others for payment or alternatively can pay for it themselves. Without payment, the Shoppers order will not appear in your Shopify Orders portal.

    When payment is applied, the Shopper's order will appear in your Shopify Orders portal with a fulfillment status = 'unfulfilled', and a Tag = 'youpay shopper' (refer to the screenshot below).

    The Shoppers order (once it appears) will be the order that you will need to fulfill and the customer that you will need to ship to.

  2. Payer's order - This order will appear with a fulfillment status = 'fulfilled' and with a tag = 'youpay payer'. This order contains the payment of it's correlating Shoppers order, and requires no further action. 
    This order is created to simply register the payment that has already been made by the YouPay payer.
    You can see in the screenshot below how these two orders will show up - appearing one after the other, as they are created within seconds of each other.

image (7)-1

How do I get paid through YouPay? Learn more here.

How does YouPay bill me? Learn more here.

If you still have further questions or inquiries about the YouPay Billing process, please feel free to contact our team directly at support@youpay.co.

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